Kim Fawcett Secures Fourth Term as State Representative for the 133rd

The six-year Democratic incumbent Kim Fawcett faced Republican challenger Chris DeSanctis.

Update, Nov. 6, 11:47 p.m.

It was a hard-fought campaign, but incumbent Kim Fawcett, the Democratic candidate for the 133rd district, got the win against Republican challenger Chris DeSanctis.

Fawcett took her fourth term with a tally of 5,948 votes to DeSanctis' 3,645.

Winning tonight meant more than her three previous victories, Fawcett said, because of the negativity surrounding this year's campaign.

"It meant more to me to win this year because it meant people in my district didn't believe the negative stuff," she said.

"They're putting their trust in me and rejected his message," she continued. "I'm thrilled they believe in me."

One person who believed in Fawcett throughout the 2012 campaign is Maureen Whiting, her campaign communication director.

"I'm very proud of her," Whiting said of Fawcett. "What we saw this year is six years of goodwill. She knows how to connect with the people."

Whiting attributed Fawcett's success with her notion of "making politics personal" -- "she listened, she helped when she could, she made their voices heard."

Republican Town Committee Chairman James Millington spoke on behalf of DeSanctis and his campaign.

"It was a tough-fought race," Millington said. "He did a lot of grassroots campaigning. He gave it his all."  

Original Post

Democratic incumbent for the 133rd District Kim Fawcett is looking to serve her fourth term as state representative; Republican challenger Chris DeSanctis is running to break the streak.

In her six years as state representative, Fawcett has been a member of several of the Assembly's committees, including the Health Care Cost Containment Committee (Vice Chair), the Smart Growth and Regional Efficiency Committee, the Coast Community Caucus, and the Select Committee on Children (Vice Chair), according to her campaign website.  She currently serves as the Assistant Majority Leader.

DeSanctis, the principal of Grace Christian School in Stamford and adjunct professor at both Sacred Heart University and Norwalk Community College, served on Fairfield's Representative Town Meeting in 2011. He was appointed in 2006 by then Gov. Jodi Rell to the Metro North-New Haven Rail Council and also served on Connecticut's Property Tax Cap Commission, according to his campaign website.

Fawcett identified three of Fairfield's top issues as jobs and the economy, the affordable housing statute, and the dangers of distracted driving. DeSanctis cited preserving affordability, quality of life, and property values in town as major concerns.

Quick Facts

  • Before relocating to Fairfield in 1999, Fawcett worked as a legislative assistant to William Donald Schaeffer, the governor of Maryland from 1987 to 1995. In her spare time, Fawcett produces, directs, and hosts a children's talk show called "Kids Who Care," according to her campaign website.
  • When Gov. Rell appointed DeSanctis to the Metro-North New Haven Rail Council, she stated: “It is important that we have the best and brightest serving on all our state boards and councils. Chris has a passion and dedication for bettering his community,” according to his campaign website.  
Perry November 07, 2012 at 02:34 PM
It just shows that nasty and negative advertising turns more people off and does not translate into votes. look at this race (KIM WON BIG), Linda's demise (big time) , Himes with not one negative ad!(winning big) . Let's all work together to make our town, State and Country better. For those who only listen to "FoxWorld" it's time to listen to the real Main-Stream media and get a fair and balanced view of the World.
No Spin November 08, 2012 at 06:25 PM
Perry, Kim said so many nasty and negative things about Chris it's laughable that you would state otherwise. And she is quoted in other papers as telling her father in full ear shot of reporters "I crushed him". That's nice. She's a real stand up gal. And why do you only mention democrats as running non negative campaigns? Brenda Kupchick and Tony Whang didn't and they both won. It sounds to me like you should take your own advice and get an attitude adjustment because it doesn't sound like you have it in you to "work together" with anyone but democrats. I hope you never run for office.
BurrMom November 08, 2012 at 08:13 PM
Peas and Carrots.


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