Letter: 'Can't Fight Town Hall - Well Seniors, Let's Try!'

Joan Fortuna asks fellow senior residents to attend the Dec. 17 RTM meeting, during which the Senior Tax Relief Ordinance will be discussed.

Can’t fight Town Hall, well seniors, let’s try! 

Wake up and start calling your RTM representatives. A small group of RTM members have been meeting over the last few months trying to come up with a better tax relief program for seniors and the disabled. 

Many states have very generous programs for seniors. New Jersey freezes senior’s taxes at age 65.  Florida has a Homestead Act. Texas freezes taxes at age 65. Fairfield has not made many changes in years and now with the high taxes, seniors (and others) are having a hard time keeping their homes.

Let your voices be heard, you may not get another chance!

The RTM will be voting on this issue Monday night, December 17 at 8:00pm, Board of Education Building, 501 Kings Highway East.

Please try to attend this meeting.


Joan Fortuna

Jim Eastwood December 09, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Joan and All Well said !!! This town Must give those who have lived their lives here and have done so much a bit of a Break !!!! Tax wise Most are on fixed incomes and have paid their "Dues" over the years. They also have seen a decline in Tax payiong Commercial properties !!! Most worked in those "Shops" which the Town drove out !!! In my travels across the State, and the Country I have seen many examples of Tax Breaks given to seniors. Would some one Please tell us all, exactly what the RTM proposal is and what the expected cost MIGHT be ???? It truely is time for FAIR??? Field to treat it's taxpayers fairly !!!! To tell people to "Down size" or "Move out of Town" is simply not acceptable,especially when it comes from the 2 to 5 year set, who move into Town,stack the RTM and educate their kids and then move out. How about cracking down on the out of State residents who register their vehicles in another State to avoid taxes. See Ya All at the meeting on the 17 th Stay Safe Have a Great Day (and Pay and Pay your taxes)


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