Letter: DeSanctis Will Work to Put CT 'Back on a Positive Course'

RTM member Peter Ambrose backs Chris DeSanctis, Republican candidate for the 133rd District.

Dear Editor,

In a letter dated August 31, my friend John Beckmann criticized , a candidate for State Representative in Fairfield's 133rd District, on the grounds that a recent DeSanctis Op-Ed advocated lower taxes for Connecticut citizens, but failed to specify exactly where spending cuts would come from. In actuality, Connecticut's Republican legislators have for several years proposed a comprehensive and very specific plan to reduce spending and taxes (see, for example, published references to "A Common Sense Commitment to Connecticut"), and even a brief conversation with DeSanctis would convince Mr. Beckmann that he is very well versed in the details of the Republican plan and has some additional, good ideas of his own.

For instance, Chris endorses implementation of a state constitutional spending cap to impose responsible spending limits in Hartford; he advocates moving from a defined benefit pension plan to a defined contribution, 401(k) style pension plan (similar to the efforts undertaken in Rhode Island in 2011); and he would cancel the $573 million Hartford-New Britain Bus-way that Connecticut cannot afford right now. However, as presumably even Mr. Beckmann would concede, as long as Connecticut continues to be ruled by one party, as it has been for 36 of the last 40 years, it simply won't matter how "specific, reasonable and fair" any alternative plan is or DeSanctis' views may be. If DeSanctis' opponent is re-elected, she will continue to support the policies of her party, policies that have distinguished Connecticut, by numerous objective measures, as one of the worst managed, highest taxed, least business-friendly and most indebted states in the nation. 

If Chris DeSanctis is elected, he will work to reduce spending and taxes, to stimulate economic growth and job creation, and to put Connecticut back on a positive course. Thank you Chris, for doing what you can to make the future of our children, seniors, and families in Connecticut a little brighter.


Peter Ambrose

Fairfield RTM Member and Attorney

Gideon Tomlinson September 09, 2012 at 04:27 PM
Attorney Ambrose complains "as Connecticut continues to be ruled by one party, as it has been for 36 of the last 40 years" but he neglect to mention that CONNECTICUT HAS HAD A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR FOR 16 OF THE LAST 18 YEARS. Before that, we had a former Republican turned Independent for 4 years. As for the busway, 80% of that progject is being paid by the feds. http://www.crcog.org/publications/TransportationDocs/NBHBusway/CRCOG-BuswayFactSheet2011-08.pdf


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