Letter: Former RTM Majority Leader Supports Heather Dean

Brian O'Gara endorses Heather Dean, Democratic candidate for the 134th District.

When I served as Majority Leader on the Fairfield RTM, I was privileged to serve with many thoughtful, dedicated people from both political parties. When you spend six years with people and debate the issues, look for common ground, and try to help make our town even better, it becomes pretty clear who truly cares about making a difference and will go the extra mile.  

Heather Dean always went the extra mile. No one cared more about giving voice to her constituents, sticking up for what she believed in, and making an impact. I am so pleased she is running for the state legislature to represent us in Hartford. She is untiring, open-minded and fair. She listens to ideas and looks for solutions no matter where they come from. Although lauded by the Democratic party as a leader, she has also worked effectively across the aisle with Republicans on many, many occasions.

In an age when party labels seems to cast a large shadow, Heather has been among the best at disregarding politics as usual and the tired, repeated lines of over-hyped partisan rancor we see too often. Our state government needs to improve; it needs to listen more, represent our needs and fix problems instead of just barking about them. If you want a representative who will work hard 24/7 for solutions, and not worry about who gets the credit or publicity, you can count on Heather Dean.


Brian O’Gara

Fairfield, CT


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