Letter: Heather Dean 'Will Serve the Citizens Well'

Resident Andrew Baumgardner writes in his support for Heather Dean, Democratic candidate for the 134th District.

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in support of Heather Dean’s candidacy for State Representative for the 134th District. I’ve known Heather for the last six years as a neighbor and a fellow candidate for the RTM.

A few years back I had the opportunity to campaign door-to-door with Heather. She was running for reelection as an RTM representative. It was a valuable lesson in how an office-holder should serve their constituency. Heather engaged her constituents by asking what the Town of Fairfield is doing right and what it could do better and more specifically what could she do better to serve their needs.

This engagement with her constituents is not just during reelection campaigns but has been an ongoing process during her entire tenure as an RTM representative. Her large election wins demonstrate this commitment to her constituents.

If past is prologue, then Heather’s dedicated service as a member of the Fairfield RTM will serve the citizens well if she is elected as their representative in the 134th District.


Andrew Baumgardner


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