LWV: Fairfield Voters Can Make Independence Day 2014 Count

The Fairfield League of Women Voters encourage residents to register to vote on Independence Day.

Photo: Fairfield League of Women Voters
Photo: Fairfield League of Women Voters

Submitted by Bryce Perry and Peter Sibley, Co-Presidents of the League of Women Voters of Fairfield.

This Independence Day, honor our nation and democracy by making sure your voter registration is up-to-date in time to participate in this year’s important elections. Then, take a moment to ask your friends and family if they are registered to vote at their current address.  

This year, the League of Women Voters of Fairfield is committed to making sure voters have the information they need to participate in elections and ensure their votes count. Each year, the Fairfield LWV and local media outlets publish online and hard-copy versions of its Voters Guide with candidate information and poll locations, sponsors local candidate debates, and hosts a January legislative forum. You’ll often find us registering voters at town sites such as the supermarkets and the Memorial Day parade.

The first step to having a say on the issues that matter most to you is registering to vote. As we pause this week to mark our nation’s birthday, set aside just a few minutes to check on your registration status, as well as to start learning about the candidates and issues that will be on your ballot. VOTE411.org is the place to go for all of your election information throughout 2014! Visit the Fairfield LWV website at http://fairfield.lwvconnecticut.org/ and you can verify your registration and register online.

Every election, whether local, state or federal, is important to ensuring our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of all Americans. Celebrate America’s 238th birthday this Independence Day by updating your voter registration or registering to vote for the first time, and committing to vote and participate in the greatest democracy in the world.


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