Superintendent Tops Fairfield's Highest Wage Earners of 2012

Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title earned $283,920.86 in 2012, according to information provided by the school district's Central Office.

Fairfield’s top wage earner for 2012 was Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title, who was also the highest-paid public employee in town in 2011.

Last year, Title earned a salary of $273,746. This year, his salary is approximately $92,500 more than that of the next highest-paid town employee, police Lt. Christopher Tursi.

Six of the top 10 wage earners of 2012 are police officers. Gross salaries for police officers and firefighters include overtime and pay for outside duties, which is paid for by private companies and contractors for services like traffic enforcement for utility work.

Of 2012’s 50 highest paid town employees, 20 were police officers, 19 were school employees, nine were fire department personnel, and two were Town Hall employees (Director of Public Works Richard White; Chief Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller).

For a complete list of the top 50 highest-paid municipal employees, click here.

For a complete list of the top 50 highest-paid school district employees, click here.

Below is a list of the top 50 highest wage earners in town overall, including municipal and school employees:

  Employee Name Total Salary for 2012 Outside Duty Income 1 Superintendent Dr. David Title $283,920.86   2 Police Lt. Christopher Tursi $191,404.21 $50,104.38 3 Deputy Supt. Karen Parks $175,467.32   4 Police Lt. Thomas Mrozek $168,888.11 $19,314.78 5 Police Lt John Bucherati $166,737.28 $14,588.20 6 Fairfield Warde HS Headmaster James Coyne $166,087.15   7 Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy $165,760.44 $3,095.00 8 Police Officer Seth Jenkins $163,862.34 $26,450.00 9 Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch $163,611.68 $2,031.32 10 Police Lt. Keith Broderick $163,324.60 $20,340.53 11 Police Officer Gary Wikman $161,335.83 $43,867.95 12 Director of Operations Thomas Cullen $159,440.04   13 Police Officer Keith Perham $158,841.70 $57,291.83 14 Fairfield Woods MS Principal Gary Rosato $158,788.71   15 Roger Ludlowe MS Principal Glenn Mackno $157,803.25   16 Tomlinson MS Principal Connee Dawson $156,732.11   17 Police Officer Kevin Wells $156,573.28 $31,404.64 18 Director of Special Education & Pupil Services Andrea Leonardi $156,441.82   19 Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola $156,121.56 $1,529.31 20 Police Lt. Michael Gagner $155,062.78   21 Police Chief Gary MacNamara $154,976.09   22 Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson $154,146.31 $1,042.91 23 Fire Chief Richard Felner $153,817.95   24 Fairfield Ludlowe HS Headmaster Greg Hatzis $152,327.82   25 Police Officer Gregory Gunter $151,540.22 $10,236.05 26 Police Detective Jason Takacs $148,309.04 $45,234.98 27 Public Works Director Richard White $148,024.46   28 Director of Elementary Education Anna Cutaia-Leonard $147,915.15   29 Police Officer Jeremy Zdru $147,239.91 $42,650.39 30 Police Sgt. Robert Kalamaras $146,985.76 $3,256.90 31 Director of Finance & Business Service Doreen Munsell $145,942.80   32 Director of Human Resources for School District Ann Leffert $145,912.22   33 McKinley School Principal Ginger Vail $145,853.47   34 Roger Sherman School Principal Eileen Roxbee $144,516.88   35 North Stratfield School Principal Deborah Jackson $144,516.88   36 Fire Lt. Lee Corbo $144,324.18 $985.76 37 Fire Lt. Roger Caisse $144,070.54 $746.81 38 Osborn Hill School Principal Francis Arnone $143,025.28   39 Riverfield School Principal Deborah Anziano $143,025.28   40 Fairfield Ludlowe Housemaster Susan Ann Battersby $142,778.40   41 Police Captian Donald Smith $142,602.12 $20,696.20 42 Fire Lt. Joseph Buoni $142,311.06 $231.56 43 Police Officer Frank Deangelis $141,778.27 $39,307.83 44 Police Officer Scott Sudora $141,678.96 $36,989.19 45 Fire Lt. Alan Menillo $141,565.76   46 Police Detective Daniel Hallama $139,144.41 $20,698.52 47 Fairfield Ludlowe Housemaster John Antonello $138,736.97   48 Fire Lt. A.D. Shuyler Sherwood $138,189.58 $641.42 49 Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller $138,066.40   50 Jennings School Principal Anthony Vuolo $138,064.37  
Ajack January 28, 2013 at 03:41 AM
Hi Nonsense, You are correct about government subsidies to corporate America, like what G. E. under Immelt has achieved. You would think that a good old Capitalist Company like G.E. would have a definite disdain for our current President's policies. Quite the contrary. G.E. is in the pocket of this President and likewise for Immelt, each for their own reasons. Why hasn't one top banker been arrested and prosecuted by our President , who vowed to do so through out his last two elections? Nobody really wants change. When you got too good of a thing going , like our administrators and top paid government people in Fairfield do, then sure they are going to fight back At every level of government that I have been involved with, I have seen corruption and abuse, misspending of funds. Government people views tax dollars as theirs...not yours. Our personnel in Fairfield, the top 50 , are overcompensated.... plain and simple.
Fairfield Family since 1641 January 28, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Sorry Don - not even close to Greenfield Hill. My family is from the south end of the town and has always been hard working, blue-collar workers doing jobs that you wouldn't want to do.And Ajack, you can't be from the initial greeters because they were all killed in the Great Swamp fight, so there are no ancestors. The reason we still live in town is because of the excellent education system (rated one of the highest in the state) the excellent services provided by the police and fire depts and the care given by DPW to make the town as nice as it is. If you think this is bad then you should move to Bridgeport where their education system is one of the worst in the state, police force has been cut and 1/3 of all fire stations have been closed, and all this at much higher taxes than is paid in Fairfield.
TJC January 28, 2013 at 03:39 PM
I don't mean to split hairs, but before there was any battle in the Great Swamp fight, about 180 women, children, and tribal elders were allowed to evacuate. There very well could be descendants of those Pequots. There could also be decendants of other tribes (the Connecticuts, for example) that were not involved in that altercation.
Dawn Llewellyn January 28, 2013 at 06:43 PM
you are so misinformed... the Fairfield school system is not the same one 10 years ago. I have no idea where you are getting your rating! Our standardized test scores (SAT's, CAPT's and CMT's) continue to drop, programs and services continue to be eliminated, and classroom sizes continue to increase, while central office staff continues to get fatter and less accountable for the educational programs provided to the students of Fairfield!
TJC January 28, 2013 at 09:04 PM
http://www.schooldigger.com/go/CT/districtrank.aspx You can always find different results with different sources, but this one has Ffld as #30 out of 165 total districts. It is definitely worth noting that we are the highest ranked district with 7000 or more students (10182 in the 2011 school year). If you want to be in the top 30, you should move to a much smaller town like New Canaan, Easton, or Chester.
Fairfield Family since 1641 January 28, 2013 at 09:13 PM
go to www.schooldigger.com/go/CT/schoolrank.aspx and then lets see who is misinformed.
Fairfield Parent January 28, 2013 at 09:15 PM
Concerned - well said! Scores are dropping. The ultimate goal of a school system and it's "CEO" is to deliver to society well educated students to the best of their abilities. Our CEO is being rewarded now, and the results (our children) are horrifying. Gifted programs, sports, academics, arts are all being cut - class sizes are being increased...and yes housing prices will spiral down. Our school system is on a downward spiral the past 10 years!
Igor January 28, 2013 at 09:30 PM
you are Sooooooooooo right concerned.
Stacey January 29, 2013 at 01:46 PM
You got that right, Fairfield Parent! Not good.
Ajack January 29, 2013 at 01:52 PM
Fairfield Parent, Precisely why we need a new look at educating our children.Tom Friedman, New York Times,2 days ago, discussed Cousera, online ed progrm established by 2 Stanford U. geeks. Read it if. We should be going there for education.This concept would save Fairfield Schools system and the tax payrs tens MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Want to cut ed costs? Why not use computers to teach. It's already being done. One of stumbling blocks being the unions. If online educating became the norm, where would that leave over paid union bosses & administrators?. Education, like flat screen TV you buy online, would suddenly become competitive, a thing that sends chills down the spine of bureaucratic educators and the unions. Lose control of education .....oh my God. What would all those over inflated salaried people do? But trust me on this,they would find a way to still 'be there for the kids' ( a little more like be there for themselves) and work through their contacts in government to 'assure that the kids will be gettin a good education', catch phrase for keep them on the dole.Won't give up the control...I can keep going. They will find a way to screw it up and make it work for them, the administrators and 'educators' first and the kids last. Dr. Title won't rock boat No screw up. May be already looking at moving to new district because he's done such a great job here. Fire all administrators, hire new ones every 3 yrs. Fresh blood, no contracts. Performance based ed.Computers
Fairfield Parent January 29, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Ajack - I think I agree with many of your points. We should be performance based first and foremost! And thank you Stacy. Fingers crossed tonight the BOE doesn't keep dismantling what's left of the "award-winning" Fairfield public school system....holding my breath!
Blubby January 29, 2013 at 08:45 PM
I see you have done your research
Blubby January 29, 2013 at 08:46 PM
How many?
Blubby January 29, 2013 at 08:49 PM
So, no police or fire? You want the job?
OneFairfield January 30, 2013 at 02:25 AM
Look at all the money spent on special ed....and look at all the law suits involving special ed. Are we really helping these kids or just spending dollars
Brian January 30, 2013 at 02:44 AM
That's about as cold a bunch of statements as anyone has pieced together on a thread in a long time. Can't change a math program. where do you really think on-line ed would go in town? If you mean college students or graduates as the "we" who should be going to an on-line course, go ahead. Compete with the best and brightest from around the world. But courses in Finance or Logic for students in Fairfield's school system, I can't envision. Remember to breathe.
R. Ludlowe January 30, 2013 at 01:22 PM
There is no statistical or other proof that online education works in primary or secondary levels. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. I'm certainly not going to support Fairfield's children in some grand experiment. Look what happened with a new and innovative math program. It was executed poorly and parents are saying "don't make my kids the guinea pigs". It's an interesting idea, but years away from being a reality.
Fairfield Parent January 30, 2013 at 03:24 PM
The program I was referencing, that is being heralded is not online teaching per se. The teacher has to record what he/she would say in class - the kid's homework is to watch and listen - then the NEXT day the teacher does ACTIVE work with the kids versus them sitting their listening for 40 minutes. The students actually do "homework" in class and the teacher is there to work with each one and their questions - so it more like having a personalized lesson and a tutor. I don't know if kids need more screen time (this for math only by the way)....but I love the idea that the teacher actually spend time with the students in a more one-on-one way and see where the children know the work or need help. This program is being rolled out across the country and is receiving high marks because there is more hands-on work during the day versus students in class potentially being "lost" or staring off and not hearing everything the teacher is teaching. Just want to clarify. Again - not advocating this per se....just sounded like the polar opposite of the "new" math program that was being brought to the table where the teachers have little involvement with the students and peers have to help each other...I pray this is not implemented! Most ridiculous idea I have ever heard is that the teacher cannot help the kids with their questions/answers.
Ajack January 30, 2013 at 03:42 PM
There plenty of statistical proof that our kids aren't doing well, R.Ludlowe, more than should be tolerated. A lot of kids go to college after attending our schools and have problems. How many kids attend a remdial class in the summer or even while they are attending school because they were ill prepared? Lots. And it's getting worse. Anyone can make a program 'fail' if they want. If anyone looks at online education and tries to make a go of it, I can bet there will be high ups in the Federal Education system along with State Education Board and even our precious local boards, writing, politicking, using there political muscle and gaming the situation to 'prove that it doesn't and won't work'. There is a lot at stake when it comes to changing things that give back power to the people. When the education system that we tout as being so great today came into being, there were supporters and detractors, winners and losers. Government won, the rights and freedoms that were and still are the responsibility of us all, were compromised. Continuous power grabbing by the state in a process of slowly eroding them away. Wonder why the kids are amoral,secular, follow a lot of the worst of society models, are so darn spoiled, and expect everything to be handed to them? Look no further than our education system, the usurpation of parental duties by the State and then tell me that it isn't a big part.. Remember education as we know it, is government as we know it. One in the same.
R. Ludlowe January 30, 2013 at 04:25 PM
Thanks for the clarification, FP. I still wonder about the actual implementation of a system like this. It mandates that every child in a residence has an opportunity to view such content from their teacher. This assumes a lot... i am sure most homes have connected devices... but what about a family with 3, 4 or 5 kids? It is certainly an interesting idea.
R. Ludlowe January 30, 2013 at 04:25 PM
you completely missed my point.
Creeky January 31, 2013 at 01:40 AM
Unions are destroying themselves. Closed shop states are becoming right to work, and membership is falling. In my opinion, the falling membership has a lot to do with the fact the unions take far, far too much, and traded their members votes for absolute power, in the form of arbitration rules and job protection rules. The icing on the cake is holding onto pensions instead of going over to defined benefit like the private sector. Though they rarely admit it, the government borrowers and spenders, federal, state and town, know that the ability to keep borrowing more while refinancing old debt is disintegrating. They are outstripping their ability to tax and fee themselves into sufficient revenue to service the debt. As a result, government is forced to use more outside contractors. Anyone happen to know how much we contracted out to Green Giant this year? That could be DPW employees doing that work, but they are too expensive. You'll hear arguments like they have such and such equipment, but we don't buy that because it's too expensive to man it with our own people. The salaries are the least of it, the pensions and healthcare benefits after retirement are the true crusher.
Creeky January 31, 2013 at 01:51 AM
On the pension point, you'll hear arguments like it cost the town nothing in the last ten years. But, folks with pensions aren't really aware that past performance does not indicate future performance. Interest rates and inflation have to increase significantly. With them, salaries will grow, and pensions benefits with them. Healthcare costs are growing as well--and therefore, the benefit costs, already contracted in for years, will grow. The need for unions is not lost on me. I'm a direct descendent of a Molly Maguire killed by a Pinkerton. But, the power has swung too far, and now unions are self destructive. You can hate on the fireman, cops, teachers, whomever, for what they are getting but, all they do is vote to approve or not. Union management runs the negotiations. In education, we (many of us) often talk about how teachers are the most important, but that is pure hypocrisy. If we honestly felt that way, why do we re-elect leaders that have created a system that encourages teachers to stop teaching and become administrators, by paying the administrators significantly better, while passing mandates that require more administrators? Why did we re-elect a president that is increasing funding for head-start, when even head-starts own (they are a portion of health and human services) report admits they are doing more damage then good?
Creeky January 31, 2013 at 02:03 AM
And, a New Jersey town finally crashed under the weight of their old police contracted benefit and pension plans, and fired the whole force. Half were hired back into a non-union constabulary. Wonder if the police know their cost basis is unsustainable? Have a look at this report: http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/RIC/Publications/e101113406_Economic%20Impact.pdf The police know they are going to have to do the job with less staff--simply more overtime won't due. The above is a strategy manual. Skinnier times are coming. I think they'll get ugliest and skinniest in the public sector. The private sector tends to be more adaptive, out of necessity, as they've less law and government support to maintain an artificial or unsustainable situation.
Creeky January 31, 2013 at 02:03 AM
As for Dr. Title, I can't resent him for being ambitious and seeking maximum compensation. As for the BOE, I somewhat amazed at their childish view, that their job is to improve education by spending more, and creating systems we can't sustain, until it crashes down painfully, hurting the students and the homeowners simultaneously. Leadership is about leading the people to the hard choices, not giving them instant gratification, or being short-sided because it's easy, emotionally palatable, and politically popular. But, the same children are voted back in the BOE, and the same queen, instead of someone, anyone, who can lead, seek consensus, and act responsibly is president again. As such, I assume I'm alone in my views.
merrgo73 January 31, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Here are my thoughts. My line of business is service oriented. When times were rough my company never took away from our paying customers. Employees bonuses and salary increases were frozen. Our customers continued to receive the same service. The town's people are the paying customers. We pay top dollar for education. Until times get better I think it's wrong for salary increases and bonuses. How can Dr. Title continue to take a yearly bonus when he is highly compensated in salary? It starts at the top. If the leader is not willing to make sacrafices why should his people.
Ajack January 31, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Figure out how to make it work at the secondary and primary level., then. We , as a people , have done amazing things with ourselves. To say simply that statistically it has shown not to work does not mean that it couldn't work and work well. Change is so hard,and there is so much at stake with the change, loss of power , economic well being for many people in this 'industry' . But the model is screaming at us now saying it can't be done that way anymore and need to be changed,. Maybe a hybrid of the brick and mortar schools and online would please everyone, maybe even the unions. We need to cut our costs plain and simple. We can do it the easier way or the hard way. We need to cut our education costs and do things differently , a new way may prove to be a boon to our existence. Wouldn't it be spectacular if a new model for learning emerges in this country , one that allows equal access to quality education throughout the country with the use of on-line. Not all things can be done on-line. We have to be able to afford what we are doing. Fairfield Board of Education will not address the problem creatively. They nibble here and nibble there and talk about a few dollars in cuts and squeal like a pig when more are proposed, bullying anyone who dares offer a bold approach and gets their way in the end. It's going down sooner or later. We either control the change or we go into panic mode when the stuff hits the fan. I know what I want. Start NOW.
Ajack January 31, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Fairfield Parent. I like that idea. I'm not saying do away with teacher or teacher contact. Kids could meet every other day maybe. Just the mere fact that you've mentioned this shows how creative this teaching thing can be. We have to be able to spin on a dime in this day and age. We also have to be able to cut back when the money becomes tight and cut back and re-purpose our tax funds to the best use.....educating the kids and not as a windfall for the administrators. Our present educational system also has it's roots in a 'factory' mentality. I read where the concept of period ending bells and moving from one 'workstation' to another had , as it's influence, the factory from the industrial revolution era. I think we are due for a shift to a new way of doing things, something bold and creative that doesn't have as it's primary goal, the enrichment of a top heavy educational bureaucracy.
R. Ludlowe February 01, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Happy Friday
Fairfield Parent February 01, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Happy Friday :)


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