Superintendent Tops Fairfield's Highest Wage Earners of 2012

Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title earned $283,920.86 in 2012, according to information provided by the school district's Central Office.

Fairfield’s top wage earner for 2012 was Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title, who was also the highest-paid public employee in town in 2011.

Last year, Title earned a salary of $273,746. This year, his salary is approximately $92,500 more than that of the next highest-paid town employee, police Lt. Christopher Tursi.

Six of the top 10 wage earners of 2012 are police officers. Gross salaries for police officers and firefighters include overtime and pay for outside duties, which is paid for by private companies and contractors for services like traffic enforcement for utility work.

Of 2012’s 50 highest paid town employees, 20 were police officers, 19 were school employees, nine were fire department personnel, and two were Town Hall employees (Director of Public Works Richard White; Chief Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller).

For a complete list of the top 50 highest-paid municipal employees, click here.

For a complete list of the top 50 highest-paid school district employees, click here.

Below is a list of the top 50 highest wage earners in town overall, including municipal and school employees:

  Employee Name Total Salary for 2012 Outside Duty Income 1 Superintendent Dr. David Title $283,920.86   2 Police Lt. Christopher Tursi $191,404.21 $50,104.38 3 Deputy Supt. Karen Parks $175,467.32   4 Police Lt. Thomas Mrozek $168,888.11 $19,314.78 5 Police Lt John Bucherati $166,737.28 $14,588.20 6 Fairfield Warde HS Headmaster James Coyne $166,087.15   7 Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy $165,760.44 $3,095.00 8 Police Officer Seth Jenkins $163,862.34 $26,450.00 9 Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch $163,611.68 $2,031.32 10 Police Lt. Keith Broderick $163,324.60 $20,340.53 11 Police Officer Gary Wikman $161,335.83 $43,867.95 12 Director of Operations Thomas Cullen $159,440.04   13 Police Officer Keith Perham $158,841.70 $57,291.83 14 Fairfield Woods MS Principal Gary Rosato $158,788.71   15 Roger Ludlowe MS Principal Glenn Mackno $157,803.25   16 Tomlinson MS Principal Connee Dawson $156,732.11   17 Police Officer Kevin Wells $156,573.28 $31,404.64 18 Director of Special Education & Pupil Services Andrea Leonardi $156,441.82   19 Assistant Fire Chief George Gomola $156,121.56 $1,529.31 20 Police Lt. Michael Gagner $155,062.78   21 Police Chief Gary MacNamara $154,976.09   22 Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson $154,146.31 $1,042.91 23 Fire Chief Richard Felner $153,817.95   24 Fairfield Ludlowe HS Headmaster Greg Hatzis $152,327.82   25 Police Officer Gregory Gunter $151,540.22 $10,236.05 26 Police Detective Jason Takacs $148,309.04 $45,234.98 27 Public Works Director Richard White $148,024.46   28 Director of Elementary Education Anna Cutaia-Leonard $147,915.15   29 Police Officer Jeremy Zdru $147,239.91 $42,650.39 30 Police Sgt. Robert Kalamaras $146,985.76 $3,256.90 31 Director of Finance & Business Service Doreen Munsell $145,942.80   32 Director of Human Resources for School District Ann Leffert $145,912.22   33 McKinley School Principal Ginger Vail $145,853.47   34 Roger Sherman School Principal Eileen Roxbee $144,516.88   35 North Stratfield School Principal Deborah Jackson $144,516.88   36 Fire Lt. Lee Corbo $144,324.18 $985.76 37 Fire Lt. Roger Caisse $144,070.54 $746.81 38 Osborn Hill School Principal Francis Arnone $143,025.28   39 Riverfield School Principal Deborah Anziano $143,025.28   40 Fairfield Ludlowe Housemaster Susan Ann Battersby $142,778.40   41 Police Captian Donald Smith $142,602.12 $20,696.20 42 Fire Lt. Joseph Buoni $142,311.06 $231.56 43 Police Officer Frank Deangelis $141,778.27 $39,307.83 44 Police Officer Scott Sudora $141,678.96 $36,989.19 45 Fire Lt. Alan Menillo $141,565.76   46 Police Detective Daniel Hallama $139,144.41 $20,698.52 47 Fairfield Ludlowe Housemaster John Antonello $138,736.97   48 Fire Lt. A.D. Shuyler Sherwood $138,189.58 $641.42 49 Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller $138,066.40   50 Jennings School Principal Anthony Vuolo $138,064.37  
merrgo73 January 31, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Here are my thoughts. My line of business is service oriented. When times were rough my company never took away from our paying customers. Employees bonuses and salary increases were frozen. Our customers continued to receive the same service. The town's people are the paying customers. We pay top dollar for education. Until times get better I think it's wrong for salary increases and bonuses. How can Dr. Title continue to take a yearly bonus when he is highly compensated in salary? It starts at the top. If the leader is not willing to make sacrafices why should his people.
Ajack January 31, 2013 at 06:42 PM
Figure out how to make it work at the secondary and primary level., then. We , as a people , have done amazing things with ourselves. To say simply that statistically it has shown not to work does not mean that it couldn't work and work well. Change is so hard,and there is so much at stake with the change, loss of power , economic well being for many people in this 'industry' . But the model is screaming at us now saying it can't be done that way anymore and need to be changed,. Maybe a hybrid of the brick and mortar schools and online would please everyone, maybe even the unions. We need to cut our costs plain and simple. We can do it the easier way or the hard way. We need to cut our education costs and do things differently , a new way may prove to be a boon to our existence. Wouldn't it be spectacular if a new model for learning emerges in this country , one that allows equal access to quality education throughout the country with the use of on-line. Not all things can be done on-line. We have to be able to afford what we are doing. Fairfield Board of Education will not address the problem creatively. They nibble here and nibble there and talk about a few dollars in cuts and squeal like a pig when more are proposed, bullying anyone who dares offer a bold approach and gets their way in the end. It's going down sooner or later. We either control the change or we go into panic mode when the stuff hits the fan. I know what I want. Start NOW.
Ajack January 31, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Fairfield Parent. I like that idea. I'm not saying do away with teacher or teacher contact. Kids could meet every other day maybe. Just the mere fact that you've mentioned this shows how creative this teaching thing can be. We have to be able to spin on a dime in this day and age. We also have to be able to cut back when the money becomes tight and cut back and re-purpose our tax funds to the best use.....educating the kids and not as a windfall for the administrators. Our present educational system also has it's roots in a 'factory' mentality. I read where the concept of period ending bells and moving from one 'workstation' to another had , as it's influence, the factory from the industrial revolution era. I think we are due for a shift to a new way of doing things, something bold and creative that doesn't have as it's primary goal, the enrichment of a top heavy educational bureaucracy.
R. Ludlowe February 01, 2013 at 04:56 PM
Happy Friday
Fairfield Parent February 01, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Happy Friday :)


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