Towns: CT Relies Too Much on Property Taxes

A lobbying group wants Connecticut to rethink its tax structure.


A group representing Connecticut’s 169 municipalities urges the state to change its laws because its “overdependence on the property tax is unsustainable.”

Jim Finley, chief executive officer of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, is pushing for a five-part plan that would give towns a cut of sales and real estate taxes in order to lessen the burden of “regressive” property taxes.

The  CCM also wants more state funding for education as well and a “payments in lieu of taxes” program to receive some state money from property owners who don’t pay any taxes -- such as hospitals and universities.

In a press release, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s spokesperson said that the state has to look at ways to alleviate the burden of taxpayers.

“He’s especially proud that he and Democrats who supported his budget have been able to increase funding for local education and maintain overall aid to cities and towns,” said Andrew Doba. “If you look around the country, most states aren’t doing that.”

Kiplinger, a financial magazine, recently ranked Connecticut as the worst state for retirees due to high taxes.

KEVIN DILLON September 25, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Creeky September 26, 2012 at 12:46 AM
While I agree that the property taxes are too much, particularly given their projected growth, I don't see how this is a solution. Isn't this just more socialism? Isn't this just the newest sneaky game of the rich should pay more? Do you really think they are going to cut property taxes? Do you really think that a town like Fairfield will get back as much as they put in, or will much of those funds be diverted to places like Bridgeport? Connecticut pays more in Federal tax than they receive back in Federal funding, unlike, say, New Mexico, which gets far more Federal funding than what the residents pay in tax. Do you really think this wouldn't to true of Fairfield as well? As we wage the war on the rich, best to keep in mind, compared to Bridgeport, Waterbury, et cetera, we are the rich. Compare the cheapest homes in Fairfield to Oklahoma, or even Tolland. Face it, in many peoples eyes, no matter how broke you feel, you are the rich. You should pay more. You are evil. Every single one of you! Malloy doesn't care about alleviating the burden of taxpayers. No democrat, and few republicans ever have. Income tax was the savior, then sales tax, then the casinos, then more fuel taxes, then higher fees for services... They always spent it all, and far, far more. When has a tax increase ever included a spending cut?


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