Conn. Education Spending Among Highest in U.S.

In Connecticut, the school districts that spend the most per pupil probably aren't the ones you're thinking of.

With the school year and the campaign season coinciding in September, the issue of school spending is often at the forefront. Politicians often advocate for more investment in education -- or at least getting rid of potentially wasteful spending that could bog down services.

Regardless of personal views on funding public education, the fact is that Connecticut spends among the highest per pupil in the United States. A report from the U.S. Census Bureau released in June shows Connecticut ranks seventh in the nation with Washington D.C. included. Connecticut’s $14,906 spent per student in 2009-10 is the second highest in New England behind Vermont.

More recent numbers are available for the spending of all the school districts in Connecticut. In 2010-11, Fairfield spent $14,379.95 per student.

Full numbers for every district are attached to this article in a PDF, and the below charts reveal the biggest spenders in the state and country.

Biggest Spenders Per Pupil by State

State Spending Per Pupil (2009-10)
Washington D.C. $18,667
New York $18,618
New Jersey $16,841
Alaska $15,783
Vermont $15,274









Rhode Island


Biggest Spenders Per Pupil in Connecticut

School District Spending Per Pupil (2011) Total Budget (2011) Canaan $22,105.83 $3,094,595 Cornwall $22,051.40  $3,735,508


$21,928.31 $6,283,556

Region No. 1 (Canaan, Cornwall and nearby towns)

$20,734.70  $10,429,556

Region No. 12 (Bridgewater, Roxbury, Washington)

$20,468.56 $19,115,792

Biggest Budgets By District ($100 Million-Plus)

School District Total Budget (2011) Spending Per Pupil (2011) Hartford $379,784,614  $18,100.25 New Haven $326,302,162  $18,500.16 Bridgeport $281,947,431 $13,458.71 Waterbury $256,520,588 $14,579.56 Stamford $246,545,506 $16,302.39 Norwalk $173,065,848 $15,509.44 Greenwich $161,471,040 $18,516.30 Fairfield $146,844,750 $14,379.95 New Britain


$12,626.37 West Hartford


$12,800.66 Danbury


$11,866.41 Meriden


$12,429.38 Milford


$14,806.12 Manchester


$13,658.20 Westport


Concerned Parent July 26, 2012 at 05:30 PM
Well towns obviously have the money, maybe districts should begin to use it and TEACH our kids for a change rather than spending the school year and money PRACTICING for TESTS.
Jackrenoud January 15, 2013 at 08:02 AM
Or better yet. How about someone do a chart that shows comparisons on how much is actually spent on the kids and how much goes to the top administrators for every district in the state like the one that recently exhibited at the last meeting of the Fairfield for Good Government at the Scandinavian Club. What an eye opener. If my memory proves me correct, the spending for administrative costs was on an equal par with student spending in 2000. By 2012 , spending for administrative costs had far outstripped that for the actual consumer of the tax dollars.....the students by a huge margin...... at least four or five times. That's where our dollars are going ....into the pockets of people who have figured this 'industry' to be a cash cow. Dr. Title refers to his position as 'C.E.O.' .....superintendent seems to be an after thought.


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