Heat Does Not Deter Fairfield Warde's Class of 2012

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Class of 2012 graduated in the face of extreme early summer heat, but the high temperatures did not wilt the new alumni's hopes for the future.

Presented by Headmaster James Coyne and Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title, the class of more than 300 students -- including Class of 2012 speakers Sarah Hindenach, Jessica Altchiler, Salutatorian Lydia Brown, and Valedictorian Daniel Shur -- received their diplomas and pressed on through the heat to become graduates.

A few choice quotes and advice from the graduation ceremony:

"With nostalgia and a bit of melancholy, it is hard to say this may be the last time we sit together as a class. Please do not take this moment for granted. All the rest is in our future, so let's today reflect on the past four years -- the past four years at Fairfield Warde High School, that have shaped who we are, and quite possibly who we will become."

– Sarah Hindenach, Class of 2012 speaker


"When we entered high school, we saw ourselves as a group of individuals. Yet over the past four years, our acceptance of our differences have brought us together. We are all better people today, because of the people sitting with us this evening. ... The key to success is to look beyond our differences and see what we have in common with each other. Sometimes we are just friends in class, but sometimes, they're friendships that will last a lifetime."

 – Jessica Altchiler, Class of 2012 speaker


"We inevitably experience a loss of imagination as we get older because we believe it to be a prerequisite for maturity. We compromise our creativity for what we believe will make us successful in the real world. This is not and should not be the case. Fantasy enriches reality. It can serve as a catalyst for creation."

– Lydia Brown, Salutatorian


"Modern technology and society have opened up so many opportunities. We can see the world online. ... The modern world and its history are out there for everyone to see ­– all we have to do is open our eyes. We can learn about the problems in the world, and many of us certainly do. But we can also develop solutions."

– Daniel Shur, Valedictorian


[Editor's Note: pictures and quotes from Fairfield Ludlowe's commencement.]

Monarch Mom. June 22, 2012 at 07:08 PM
Quite impressive in a few ways. Each speaker stepped up to their challenge ever so well. The town stepped up to its challenge regarding the heat fabulously. Mr Coyne made it so that the graduates moved rapidly across the podium. All was done so that the heat didnt "dampen" the event.. I personally was soaked! Very proud of my son and his freinds from Stratfield and football and all around. Here's to a great summer.. T$


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