Osborn Hill School Set to Open on Schedule Thursday

The first day of school is quickly approaching -- scroll down for additional back-to-school information.

is set to open for Thursday, Aug. 30 - the first day of school in Fairfield.

In a memo released Friday, Superintendent of Schools Dr. David G. Title and Osborn Hill Principal Frank Arnone stated that all but two classrooms to be occupied by students and staff are now within the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines for .

The district awaits additional testing results for two kindergarten classrooms, which will be relocated until those results are received. (Mrs. Minio's class [Room 107] will report to Room 123 and Ms. Ghazian's class [Room 108] will start the year in Room 122, the art room).

Some common area -- including the Library Media Center and the main hallway boys' and girl's bathrooms -- are still undergoing cleaning and may still be secured from students and staff come Thursday.  

As has been discussed in previous memos and the informational session held Aug. 15, the gymnasium must undergo further remediation and will not be reopened for some time. The district expects to have a temporary gym on-site by the end of September; for now, gym classes will be held outdoors or in the all-purpose room during inclement weather.

Staff members and teachers are scheduled to begin setting up classrooms today. School officials ask that parents and students refrain from visiting and the memo states that there will be no kindergarten visitation day before Thursday.


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Jim Eastwood August 27, 2012 at 12:24 PM
Good Morning Everyone AND THANK YOU !!!!! for handling this matter in a safe and responsible manner !!! Some times a little bit of work, fore sight and trust will over come fear which sometimes will result in expense. So Dr. Title, Town Officals, and Stae and Federal Enviromential experts thank you!! The Kids will have a safe enviroment, the system has learned from this , no added expense(Such as building a new school) were incurred, and the "Helicopters" moms can now land wiyth their concerns !!! Have a Great Day and Thank you !! (For the Taxpayer NEED NOT in this case, pay and pay !!!)
Scott Verchin August 27, 2012 at 12:47 PM
Many thing remain unclear here. First of all, the Library Media Center has not been cleared yet so they will have library services “on a cart" where contaminated books will be distributed throughout the building. How is that safe. Also, what about the cafeteria? This is a vital part of the building where every student spends time on a daily basis - not to mention, it's a place where food is prepared. More details should have been shared regarding this, which leaves suspicious minds wondering. Just two weeks ago, we received communication that OHS could either be delayed opening until September 4 or even redistributing the student body and staff to temporarily locations. Now, all of a sudden, we get the all clear. It seems like the BOE took the easy way out given the intelligent decisions of the recent past (sarcasm) such a redistricting, etc. There are still lots of questions to be answered and, until then, our children and staff should not be at risk until more reassurances have been made.


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