State College Tuition Increase Approved

Average tuition and fees for 16 out of 17 colleges and universities will increase by an average of 3.8 percent.

The Board of Regents for Higher Education announced Friday that it has approved a modest increase in tuition and fees at 16 out of 17 colleges and universities within the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, including and . Charter Oak State College will consider tuition and fees in June.

Average tuition and fees at the state's four universities will jump 3.8 percent or an average of $315 for students who commute, according to the Hartford Courant, to an average of $8,556. For Connecticut students who live at the university, the increase is 3.7 percent, pushing tuition and fees up by $676.

At the state's 12 community colleges, tuition and fees will go up 3.1 percent, or $108, to $3,598.

"This modest increase will enable additional funds to funnel back to the campuses to hire much-needed faculty and essential student support staff,” Lewis Robinson, Chairman of the Board of Regents, said in a statement. "We're mindful that in this economy, any amount of increase in tuition and fees can be difficult for students and their families, which is why we took every step to keep them as low as possible."

Chandra Johnson-Greene contributed to this report.


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