Video: Did You See that Ray Rice Play?

Ray Rice took a screen pass 30 yards to save the game for the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

It looked like the gig was up for the Ravens in San Diego on Sunday afternoon, but then something incredible happened.

Down 13 to 10, the Ravens were at their own 37-yard-line facing 4th and 29 against the Chargers with less than two minutes left in the game when Joe Flacco dumped off a short screen pass to Ray Rice. As Rice scurried to get to the first down, it looked like he was in trouble as Chargers safety Eric Weddle had position on him in front of the first down marker. But out of nowhere came Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin to deliver a punishing block on Weddle to give Rice just enough space to fall forward for the first down.

Chargers fans may be upset by the spot of the ball, but the officials reviewed it and said Rice got enough for the first down.

Justin Tucker would go on to hit a field goal to tie the game, then another in overtime to give the Ravens a 16-13 win.


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