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Sasquanaug Association
720 Pequot Ave, Southport, CT 06890

The Sasquanaug Association, established in 1886, is one of the oldest neighborhood associations in the country and isMore dedicated to preserving the historic character of the town's Southport neighborhood and contributing to the community's day-to-day enjoyment of life in Southport Village.

The Sasquanaug Association, which holds annual meetings in Pequot Library and board of trustees meetings in Southport Congregational Church, owns several properties in Southport, including the Robinson Cottage, a historic home on Main Street; the Sea Lodge, a beach club next to Southport Beach; Southport Park, 12.5 acres on the Old Post Road in Southport; and a decorative fountain at the intersection of Main Street and Harbor Road.

The Sasquanaug Association maintains vigilance on matters related to Southport that come before the Town Plan and Zoning Commission and the town's Historic District Commission and Harbor Management Commission, and it supports town zoning regulations and state laws that are favorable to historic preservation.

The Sasquanaug Association does not have an e-mail address. Its mailing address is P.O. Box 471, Southport CT 06890.

The address given here for the Sasquanaug Association is the address for Pequot Library, where the group holds its annual meetings.

Tax Collector's Department
611 Old Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

The Tax Collector's Department bills and collects current taxes due to the town; collects sewer use fees; collectsMore interest and delinquent taxes; collects sewer assessments and carrying charges; and makes lawful adjustments to tax amounts due to the town.

The Tax Collector's Department also responds to residents' questions on tax, use and assessment bills and notices; provides tax balances to attorneys, banks, title searchers and property owners; searches historical tax records for income tax purposes; updates addresses, ownership and banks escrowing taxes; and re-mails returned tax bills.

In the most recent fiscal year, the Tax Collector's Department collected 99 percent of taxes due to the town, 96 percent of sewer use taxes and 40 percent of delinquent taxes.

Enforcement measures taken by the Tax Collector's Department include issuing delinquency notices; filing liens against delinquent real estate accounts and personal property tax accounts; notifying the Department of Motor Vehicles about delinquent motor vehicle taxes; prohibiting the issuance of building permits on properties that have delinquent real estate accounts; working with the town Health Department to revoke permits of businesses that are delinquent in taxes; recommending foreclosure actions to the town attorney; defending the town against taxpayer lawsuits; transferring personal property accounts to a collection agency for further action; and issuing alias tax warrants for service by a state marshal to induce collection.

The Tax Collector's Department's budget in 2009-10 is $667,194.

The Tax Collector's Department is located on the first floor of Old Town Hall, 611 Old Post Road.

Registrar of Voters' Office
611 Old Post Rd, Fairfield, CT 06824

The Registrar of Voters' Office operates impartially to administer fair, transparent and open elections in theMore interests of about 37,000 Fairfield voters.

The Registrar of Voters' Office maintains the town voter registry list by adding new voters, making necessary changes to existing voters, such as changes to address and political party, and removing voters who are deceased or otherwise no longer eligible to vote in Fairfield. The office also administers elections by hiring and training poll workers, overseeing Election Day operations, counting absentee ballots, purchasing supplies and maintaining scanner type tabulators, ordering phone lines for communication and the state-mandated handicapped voter system, discarding used ballots and storing used Federal ballots.

The Registrar of Voters' Office also disseminates town voter information.

The Registrar of Voters' Office consists of two part-time registrars (one Republican, one Democrat) and a full-time secretary. The Republican Registrar is Roger Autuori; the Democratic Registrar is Matthew Waggner.

The Registar of Voters' Office's budget in 2009-10 is $225,825. Each part-time registrar is paid $30,725 and is subject to re-election every four years.

The Registrar of Voters' Office is on the first floor of Old Town Hall, 611 Old Post Road.

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